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You have been chosen to participate in an additional lacrosse opportunity.  This includes:


  • Participating in a Round Robin Tournament of 6th Grade All-Stars at Easton Park (Jamboree site).  The games will take place on Saturday, June 4th.  Games will be played at 5:00/6:00/7:00pm Check in time 4:30pm at the Park.
  • All-Star training Camp/Practice June 1-2-3rd from 5-7:00 pm at Lorenz Park at County Line and Colorado Blvd..  The Camp will be an exposure to college players and coaches.  Staff from Regis University (coaches and players) will be facilitating the training.
  • Total cost to participate is $110 which includes a game T-shirt, camp fee, field rental, ref fees at Easton Park and a small stipend for the coaches. ($50 for the Tournament only) ($60 for the training). You can do both or choose one according to your schedule.
  • PLEASE send a check payable to CGLA (by June 1st) and place 6th grade all-stars on the memo line.   If payment is not received by the due date, we will assume that you are not participating.  Or make arrangements with Marc or Kate at email addresses below.
  • Checks and player information form please MAIL to:
    Kate Dresher
    PO Box 201495
    Denver, Co  80220

QUESTIONS:  Marc Luckett (director): 

       Kate Dresher: 



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Shootout For Soldiers Charity Event

CGLA is a proud sponsor of Shootout For Soldiers Charity Lacrosse Event.

Registration is now open!  Come play in a fun lacrosse event to help raise money for Veteran's Charities July 28-29th.

www.shootoutforsoldiers.com  For more information and to register your team.  Open to all ages!

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Welcome to CGLA

Welcome to CGLA!  

Our mission is to promote girls' youth lacrosse in an environment that emphasizes fun, teamwork, promotes good sportsmanship, develops  skills, and a life long love of the game.




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WELCOME to Harrow Sports as the CGLA sponsor

WELCOME to Harrow Sports as the CGLA sponsor.

Go to: Harrowsports.com/catalog-downloads for all your team needs....Contact Harrow rep John Garmatz: 303.454.5188

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US Lacrosse Gold Stick Pilot Program
The CGLA has been identified as a potential US Lacrosse Gold Stick League based on your track record of providing a quality and safe playing experience for young players. The US Lacrosse Gold Stick Program is a new initiative that provides a model set of standards for youth leagues to follow to create the best environment for children to participate in lacrosse. We feel strongly that the leagues that follow these standards will best serve their local lacrosse communities, and we’ll do our part in using US Lacrosse communications vehicles, such as Lacrosse Magazine, to make sure that these leagues are appropriately celebrated.

Listed below is a brief summary of the standards:
1. Rules: League must adhere to all current US Lacrosse youth rules and age guidelines, have them publicly available and regularly communicated to program coaches, administrators, and parents.
2. League Administration: League has current, written policies for league governance that are publically available and regularly communicated to program administrators, coaches, parents and players through a multi-faceted communication system.
3. Safety and Risk Management: League has written policies and plans for safety and risk management that are publicly available and regularly communicated to program coaches, administrators, and parents. Unless specifically noted, all policies are followed during all practices and games.
4. Player Safety and Sportsmanship: League demonstrates a commitment to the safety of their players by publishing and promoting current information related to healthy lacrosse activity. League provides a detailed, written sportsmanship policy to players, parents, coaches, officials and administrators.
5. Screened, Trained and Certified US Lacrosse Coaches: All head coaches are NCSI background checked, trained, and at least Level 1 certified through the US Lacrosse Coaching Education Program.
6. Trained/Certified US Lacrosse Officials: Leagues must require, at a minimum that all officials assigned to league games are certified by their Local Board, and hold a current on-field rating prior to any assignment to the programs contests. All contests (with the exception of U-9 on a shortened field) will have a minimum of two officials assigned to each contest.
7. Membership: All players, coaches, officials and administrators are current US Lacrosse members.
posted 03/17/2013
US Lacrosse Video Channel
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Field Status
*Aurora Sports Park #16 - Aurora TBD (5/26) 
*Bellview - Greenwood Village OPEN (5/26) 
*Bible Park - Denver TBD (5/26) 
*Bowles Grove - Littleton OPEN (5/26) 
*C.A. Wright Field - Denver OPEN (5/26) 
*Cheyenne Mountain HS - Colorado Springs OPEN (5/26) 
*Christensen Meadows - Littleton OPEN (5/26) 
*Cranmer #1 (NE corner) - Denver TBD (5/26) 
*Cranmer Park #3 (NW) - Denver TBD (5/26) 
*CSU-Pueblo - Pueblo TBD (5/26) 
*David A. Lorenz #2 - Highlands Ranch TBD (5/26) 
*David A. Lorenz #5 - Highlands Ranch OPEN (5/26) 
*David A. Lorenz #6 - Highlands Ranch OPEN (5/26) 
*Dirty Women Creek Park - Monument OPEN (5/26) 
*Douglas County HS - Castle Rock TBD (5/26) 
*Easton Park 12 - Littleton TBD (5/26) 
*El Pomar Youth Field A - Colorado Springs TBD (5/26) 
*Evergreen Middle School - Evergreen TBD (5/26) 
*Golden High School - Golden OPEN (5/26) 
*Lincoln Elementary - Loveland OPEN (5/26) 
*Maple Grove - Golden TBD (5/26) 
*Marshdale East - Evergreen TBD (5/26) 
*Marshdale West - Evergreen TBD (5/26) 
*Miramont Park - Ft Collins TBD (5/26) 
*MLK Rec Center - Denver OPEN (5/26) 
*North Shore - Loveland TBD (5/26) 
*Platte MS - Boulder TBD (5/26) 
*Prairie Hills ES - West - Colorado Springs TBD (5/26) 
*Rampart High School - Colorado Springs TBD (5/26) 
*Sagewood Middle School - Parker TBD (5/26) 
*Swigert International - Denver TBD (5/26) 
*Westlands - Centennial TBD (5/26) 
*Willow Creek Park - Centennial TBD (5/26) 
AlexanderDawson3 - Lafayette TBD (5/26) 
Ames Elementary - Centennial TBD (5/26) 
Aurora Sports Park Turf - Aurora TBD (5/26) 
Bear Creek Elementary - Monument TBD (5/26) 
Bear Creek Park - Denver TBD (5/26) 
Bergen Valley - Evergreen TBD (5/26) 
CA- Wright Field - Denver TBD (5/26) 
Carr Park - Longmont TBD (5/26) 
Castle View HS Turf - Castle Rock TBD (5/26) 
Clement Park #10 - Littleton TBD (5/26) 
Col Academy Wright Field - Denver OPEN (5/26) 
Conifer HS - Conifer TBD (5/26) 
Cornerstone - Littleton TBD (5/26) 
Cornerstone #1 - LIttleton TBD (5/26) 
Cornerstone #2 - Littleton TBD (5/26) 
Cornerstone #3 - Littleton TBD (5/26) 
Cornerstone #4 - Littleton TBD (5/26) 
Cornerstone #5 - Littleton TBD (5/26) 
Cornerstone #6 - Littleton TBD (5/26) 
Cranmer #2 (Middle) - Denver TBD (5/26) 
David A Lorenz #5 - Littleton TBD (5/26) 
David A Lorenz #6 - Littleton TBD (5/26) 
David Lorenz #1 - Centennial OPEN (5/26) 
David Lorenz #5 - Centennial TBD (5/26) 
Eagleview Middle School - Colorado Springs TBD (5/26) 
Easton Park #7 - Littleton TBD (5/26) 
Fred Thomas Park - Denver TBD (5/26) 
Gallup Park - Littleton TBD (5/26) 
Harmony Park - Ft. Collins TBD (5/26) 
Irving Education Center - Colorado Springs TBD (5/26) 
Lakeview Park - Engelwood TBD (5/26) 
Liberty High School - Colorado Springs TBD (5/26) 
Minnequa Lake - Pueblo TBD (5/26) 
Mtn Ridge Middle - Highlands Ranch TBD (5/26) 
New Vista HS - Boulder TBD (5/26) 
Palmer Ridge HS TURF - Monument TBD (5/26) 
Pueblo West HS - Pueblo West OPEN (5/26) 
Schaefer - Field #11 - Denver TBD (5/26) 
Skyland Park- Girls - Denver TBD (5/26) 
South Sheridan Park - Lakewood TBD (5/26) 
St Mary's Grace Center - Colorado Springs TBD (5/26) 
Stagecoach Park - Evergreen TBD (5/26) 
Thunder Ridge HS - Highlands Ranch TBD (5/26) 
Wasson High School - Wasson TBD (5/26) 
Westerly Creek Elem. - Denver TBD (5/26) 
Willow Creek Park, #4 - Centennial TBD (5/26)