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The Mission of the Colorado Girls Lacrosse Association (CGLA) is to provide elementary and middle school girls with the structure and tools which to teach the fundamental skills required to play lacrosse, as well as to promote the spirit and sportsmanship of the game. The CGLA Board partners with administrators, coaches, officials, players, and parents to ensure a safe, educational, and competitive environment, allowing players to develop skills and behavior consistent with a high standard of lacrosse. CGLA supports the growth of lacrosse in Colorado and has established philosophies, by-laws, and rules to achieve this goal.

WELCOME to Harrow Sports as the CGLA sponsor

WELCOME to Harrow Sports as the CGLA sponsor.

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Lacrosse Homework

One Hand Wrist Mobility
-    One Handed Toss-ups (25 each hand), ball does not go above your shoulder.
-    One Handed Toss-up and Cradle (25 each hand), attack the ball in the air, ball does not go above your shoulder.
-    One Handed Ball Bounces (25 each hand), Bounce the ball off the ground, come over top of the ball and cradle.
-    One Handed High Toss-ups (25 each hand), toss the ball above your head, attack the ball on the way up (not the way down)
-    One Handed Ball Toss Around your Body (25 each hand), throw the ball up, catch it behind your back, throw it up and catch it in front of you.
Mini Hands  http://youtu.be/jykGNGRbUXc
-    Mini Hands: 2 hands, catch NO cradle, 50 times / right and left (toes facing the wall, ball between shoulders)  Choke up on your stick so your hands are close together near the head of your stick.
-    Mini Hands: 2 hands, Catch, face dodge, 50 times / right and left  (toes facing the wall)
-    Mini Hands: 2 hands ALL Right Hand – throw on right side and catch on opposite side, bring ball back over to right side. - 50 times / then work left hand (toes facing the wall)
-    Mini Hands: 2 hands ALL Right Hand – throw on right side and catch on opposite side, throw on opposite side back to right side. - 50 times / then work left hand (toes facing the wall)
-    Mini Hands: 2 hands ALL Right Hand – throw off left shoulder side and catch on left shoulder. - 50 times / then work left hand (toes facing the wall)
-    Mini Hands: 2 hands, Split dodge - throw right, catch right, split dodge throw left, catch left - 50 times / then work left hand (toes facing the wall)
-    Mini Hands: 2 hands, Split dodge - throw right, catch right, split dodge throw left, catch left, 50 times each hand (feet sideways to the wall, switching your stance)
-    Mini Hands: 2 hands, Quick stick - change hands on every toss while balls in the air - 50 times / then work left hand (toes facing the wall)

posted 12/12/2014
2014 Turkey Shoot

Turkey Shoot 2014 photos
Thanks to all the volunteers that schlepped goals, ran scores and lent a helping hand!!!!





Turkey Shoot 2014
U 10 winner- DLC -Iron Maidens
U 11 winner - BVLA
U 12 winner - Mt. Lax Hollander
U 13 winner - Rutherford Turkey Owls
U14/15 winner - Totally Random



by admin posted 11/10/2014
CONGRATULATIONS to all the CGLA players

CONGRATULATIONS to all the CGLA players who participated in the Mountain States Toyota Tournament at Dicks Sporting Goods Park last weekend.




U12 Silver

1st place winner – Rangers –Handrick

2nd place – Parker Hawks – Huhn


U12 Gold

1st place winner –DLC –Rutherford

2nd place – Panthers – Rael


U13 Silver

1st place winner – Cheyenne Mountain –Crosby

2nd place – Patriots – Dudevoir


U13 Gold

1st place winner – DLC – Shelanski

2nd place – Bruins –Beirenkoven


U15 Silver

1st place winner- Mustangs – Rawlings

2nd place – Sharpshooters- Stabler


U15 Gold

1st place winner – Coyotes – Cisneros

2nd place – DLC - Sanford

by admin posted 05/21/2014
Rule Change Regarding Lacrosse Balls

As you may know, as of January 1, 2014, ALL lacrosse balls used for play MUST have the NOCSAE seal on the ball (it must say “meets NOCSAE standard” on the ball).
NOCSAE is the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment, who commissions research in sports medicine & science and establishes standards for athletic equipment.  To read more about the rule change, please read the article, What’s in a Ball? which originally appeared in Lacrosse Magazine in January 2013.
This rule was inserted into the rulebook last year but we urge you to send a reminder to the local league leaders, program administrators and coaches reminding them of this rule before they order balls for the 2014 season.
This is a rule change for the boys and girls game.  Manufacturers are making these balls but they have not hit the shelves of retailers to date.  It will be beneficial to order now from your local retailer to be placed on a list and not wait for the spring, when quantities could become limited.  Officials will be reminded that only balls with the NOCSAE seal will be allowed for play and we don’t want games canceled or postponed because of this change.

by admin posted 09/22/2013
The 2014-2015 CGLA calendar

The 2014-2015 CGLA calendar is now available.  Click here!

posted 09/15/2013
US Lacrosse Gold Stick Pilot Program
The CGLA has been identified as a potential US Lacrosse Gold Stick League based on your track record of providing a quality and safe playing experience for young players. The US Lacrosse Gold Stick Program is a new initiative that provides a model set of standards for youth leagues to follow to create the best environment for children to participate in lacrosse. We feel strongly that the leagues that follow these standards will best serve their local lacrosse communities, and we’ll do our part in using US Lacrosse communications vehicles, such as Lacrosse Magazine, to make sure that these leagues are appropriately celebrated.

Listed below is a brief summary of the standards:
1. Rules: League must adhere to all current US Lacrosse youth rules and age guidelines, have them publicly available and regularly communicated to program coaches, administrators, and parents.
2. League Administration: League has current, written policies for league governance that are publically available and regularly communicated to program administrators, coaches, parents and players through a multi-faceted communication system.
3. Safety and Risk Management: League has written policies and plans for safety and risk management that are publicly available and regularly communicated to program coaches, administrators, and parents. Unless specifically noted, all policies are followed during all practices and games.
4. Player Safety and Sportsmanship: League demonstrates a commitment to the safety of their players by publishing and promoting current information related to healthy lacrosse activity. League provides a detailed, written sportsmanship policy to players, parents, coaches, officials and administrators.
5. Screened, Trained and Certified US Lacrosse Coaches: All head coaches are NCSI background checked, trained, and at least Level 1 certified through the US Lacrosse Coaching Education Program.
6. Trained/Certified US Lacrosse Officials: Leagues must require, at a minimum that all officials assigned to league games are certified by their Local Board, and hold a current on-field rating prior to any assignment to the programs contests. All contests (with the exception of U-9 on a shortened field) will have a minimum of two officials assigned to each contest.
7. Membership: All players, coaches, officials and administrators are current US Lacrosse members.
posted 03/17/2013
CGLA All City Clinic in the Snow

CGLA All City clinic in the snow on Saturday February 23rd.  Thanks to Cherry Creek, Colorado Academy, Kent Denver and Grandview HS for facilitating the day.
posted 02/26/2013
US Lacrosse - Parent Handbook Now Available
US Lacrosse has just published a handbook for girls lacrosse which includes a game overview, a diagram of the field and required equipment, and an overview of minor and major fouls along with their hand signals.

To download your copy today - click HERE
by CGLA posted 02/01/2011
Mobile Coaching App Now Available through US Lacrosse

US Lacrosse Unveils Mobile Coach App

The US Lacrosse Mobile Coach app is now available and provides US Lacrosse coach members free access to 100  men’s and 100 women’s lacrosse drills, complete with explanations, diagrams and videos, all beamed to users of the iPhone and Android phone.

The software, also available on computers via the web site www.uslmobilecoach.com, allows coaches to select, organize and install various drills illustrating dozens of lacrosse concepts for teams and players at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Get the FAQs

The software, developed by US Lacrosse in conjunction with Advanced Mobile Solutions, is easy to use both online and on the smart phone. After a login screen, users can view and sort drills by gender, concept and skill level, and place them in order for a given practice. The material and concepts come from the highly successful US Lacrosse Coaching Education Program. (CEP), the first national, standardized training program for lacrosse coaches.

Coaches of all levels will benefit from USL Mobile Coach, but it may be most assuring to part-time youth or high school coaches who balance the demands of full-time employment and parenthood. The software contains drill diagrams and explanations as well as video demonstrations and actual game footage that illustrate various concepts.

"The new mobile technology allows coaches to easily access, organize and share US Lacrosse drills and video with players and assistant coaches on the field, "said Chris Snyder, manager of coaches' education and training at US Lacrosse. "This is a ground-breaking US Lacrosse member benefit for coaches at all levels." 

posted 01/14/2011
The Future of Headgear in Girls' Lacrosse
There has been increased discussion about the relative safety in girls’ lacrosse these days, particularly with respect to head and face injury.  ESPN aired a piece in August that focused on two girls’ high school players in Pittsburgh who had suffered concussions while playing…and Section 8 of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association introduced a proposal to require all players to wear men’s lacrosse helmets beginning in 2012.  The measure was rejected by a 7-2 vote of the association’s safety committee on December 2, which followed a US Lacrosse presentation that focused on the rules and culture of girls’ lacrosse…and our proactive efforts to address player safety ongoing.   
Growing awareness, knowledge and concern about concussion in sport has some administrators and parents of lacrosse-playing daughters – some of whom have been struck in the head with a lacrosse ball or stick – wondering why men’s lacrosse helmets are not mandatory in the girls’ game.  It’s our contention that a piece of protective equipment specifically designed for the rules and culture of men’s lacrosse is not appropriate for girls’ lacrosse.
There’s no bigger challenge for the leaders of a sport than to effectively balance the integrity of its rules and culture with the importance of player safety.   The challenge in lacrosse is even more pronounced because it’s long been one sport comprised of two distinct games.  The culture and rules of each game have been significantly different for almost 80 years.
But when a serious injury occurs in a particular sport, the nature of that sport is sometimes questioned or blamed, and that’s been the case lately in girls’ lacrosse.  After all, both games use similar sticks and the same ball carried, thrown and caught around the head.
Sometimes lost in this discussion is the fact that the rules of girls’ lacrosse have been carefully and responsibly evolved based primarily on player safety throughout the game's long history.  Seven years ago, for example, following a closer look at the mechanism of rare but serious eye injuries caused by errant passes or shots, US Lacrosse lead efforts to establish a manufacturing standard for protective eyewear designed specifically for girls’ lacrosse, which was mandated for all levels of play in 2004.  The result has been the elimination of serious eye injuries.  More recently, US Lacrosse introduced significant (some would say radical) rule changes for the 2011 season designed specifically to hold players accountable for dangerous play.
Current injury research tells us that the catastrophic head injuries men’s lacrosse helmets were originally designed to prevent are not an issue in girls’ lacrosse.  It also shows that the rate of concussion is higher in boys’ lacrosse than girls’ lacrosse…and the rate of concussion in girls’ lacrosse is essentially the same as that of girls’ soccer.  However, medical experts generally agree that female athletes may be more susceptible to a concussion injury…and that they seem to have a more challenging recovery time from concussion.
Rule 2, Section 10, of the US Lacrosse Officials Rules for Girls’ and Women’s Lacrosse states that, with the exception of goalies, who understandably wear hard helmets, “…soft headgear may be worn by all players.”  But there is no manufacturing standard for headgear that is specifically designed for girls’ lacrosse, so soft headgear products for other sports have been adopted by growing numbers of players.  That’s why US Lacrosse recently announced that it would work with the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) – the same body that established the men’s lacrosse helmet standard – to create a headgear standard specifically designed for girls’ lacrosse.  It will take about  two years from the start of standard development until headgear meeting that standard is available.  It’s currently anticipated that players would continue to have the choice of whether or not to wear headgear.  During this development process, we’ll also be investing in research to measure head acceleration in boys’ and girls’ lacrosse, as well as better understand the nature of focal impact caused by errant stick checks or shot follow-throughs.
Led by our US Lacrosse Sports Science & Safety Committee, and supplemented by formal collaborations with organizations such as the National Athletic Trainer’s Association, the American College of Sports Medicine, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine, the NCAA and the NFHS, we’ll continue to evolve and implement a wide range of interventions – involving rules, education, research and equipment development – focused on player safety.
We can’t eliminate the risk of serious injury in boys’ or girls’ lacrosse without completely changing the nature of the games.  But the best outcomes come from informed and thoughtful decision-making that's based more on facts than emotion, and that’s what we’re committed to ongoing.

by Steve Stenersen posted 12/02/2010
US Lacrosse Video Channel
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