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Hello CGLA Families! We have been hard at work since the end of season and are excited to share some news, updates, and general lacrosse awesomeness! 

CGLA is very excited to announce that STX is now our Organization Sponsor! We have an EXCLUSIVE offer for CGLA members! Now through November 5th we have exclusive purchasing with STX through Lax.com.  You won't find these deals anywhere else. If you are in need of new equipment or special CGLA gear please follow this link: https://cglateamstore.itemorder.com/sale  
You can find more info on our website at http://cglax.com/sponsors 
Did you know that every Club that participates in CGLA has a Club Representative on the CGLA Board? 
Do you know who your Club Representative is? You can find out
These Representatives are your voice for your club at CGLA, and also brings back to your club all important lacrosse information from CGLA meetings. 
Thank you to everyone who participated in the CGLA survey.  We got a lot of really great feedback from you and there were some great questions that came in! We are going to address many of them in the coming months in the "You Asked" section.
This month's question: Why are all the fields so different when we go play other teams, and why doesn't CGLA control the field quality better? 

Answer: Each club in CGLA is responsible to acquire their own practice and game fields. The unfortunate reality is in Colorado, lacrosse competes with many other sports for local field time. Much of the time, clubs will have to take what is available which might not always be the perfect situation.  We are always grateful for any field space that is afforded to clubs.
We received word from NDP who runs all operations at Dicks Sports Park that going forward there will no longer be any lacrosse events held at DSP. What that means for CGLA is that we are going to move our year end tournament to the best location possible. Please stay tuned for more information. 

We need you! If you or someone you know would like to become a youth official please take note of the info below and sign up today! 
2018 Training Information:‚Äč

Please click here for registration and training information. Tentative training dates are March 4 and March 10, 2018. 

To be added to our youth officials information distribution list, please fill out this form.

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